We train on two ways for your convenience, One month International course (Medium in English) and One Year course for Kerala students (Medium in Malayalam).

Out of this one year course of Kerala students, sixty days are given for campus training in our college at Vazhavara and the remaining 10 months are given practical training on selected hospitals with a stipend of not less than Rs 5000 including free food and accommodation.

For one month course of Internationals (Medium English) seats are limited to 10 students in a batch. Hence one month is sufficient for international students to get a better training.

All these courses contain the essence of Ayurveda, basic and history of ayurveda, panchakarma therapies, massages, use of herbs, oils, powder and identification of different constitution of body and treatments accordingly. We give more importance to practical. But theory is also given equal importance. All these courses are prepared by a team of highly qualified professionals, Doctors, masseurs etc.

Besides we have the following courses.
1. Kerala Traditional Marma hand and Foot treatments
2. Yoga course
3. Beautician course (skin and Hair)
4. SPA therapy course

Course NoCourse NameCourse DurationView
1 One month course View
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